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Since 1994, PAC-MIG, Inc. has manufactured a patented line of GMAW torches and accessories cooled by a controlled flow of compressed/shop air, outperforming both standard air-cooled and water-cooled torches. PAC-MIG specializes in robotic and automatic applications, along with a full line of hand-held or
semi-automatic equipment. All torches can be ordered with direct wire feed connections.

As the only robotic torch manufacturer offering standard matches to our competitors mounting sleeves and Tool Center Points, we allow our customers to switch to a hassle-free, cooler running, 100% duty cycle torch without having to reprogram.

We guarantee a minimum of 20% increase in consumable life, which leads to increased welding productivity, when switching to our torches. The cooler you keep the torch, the longer your front-end parts will last. Heat build-up leads to downtime. PAC-MIG will decrease your downtime and increase your profits.


The Difference is Quality